Bobby Davis


I'm a guitarist / multi-instrumentalist / composer / producer from Simi Valley, CA. My music could be described as eclectic, as I like many styles and genres. If it's done well, I like it. 

My childhood was filled with music. Early on I knew that there was something special about music that made me feel like I had found a home. I learned to play the broom at an early age and got my first electric guitar when I was 15. I've never put it down since. 

Over the years I've played in cover bands, original bands, and just about any situation where I could create and perform music with other people. I have a strong work ethic, probably because it's not work to me. It's just what I do. 

Currently I'm working as a guitarist in a couple of cover bands & composing and writing music in my home studio. 

As I build this website and add music to it, I encourage you sign up to the email list if you're interested in being notified of new stuff, and to feel free to comment and provide feedback as you see fit. 

If you need a guitarist for a gig, studio guitarist, or need something recorded, feel free to send me a message and we can discuss.